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Project X – Ms. Claymore

Following on from our first Project X blog post about the show character Lady T, we thought we’d introduce the second female character in the production.


Ms. Claymore doesn’t exactly come out of the same stable as Lady T. Like Lady T she is strong, attractive and dominant as a character but her role is more functional.  As a child of, and believer in, the power of ‘The Administration’ she dresses in the utilitarian uniform befitting a parole officer.  Only her killer heels and tight fitting top hint at the dominatrix that may well lurk behind the rigid force of her beliefs.  She is not a lady to mess with.

Costume Designs created by Kevin Freeman. For more information on Project X, including videos and how to buy tickets, go to: www.projectx-london.co.uk

Project X – Lady T

We saw a lovely fashion photograph recently in the Mail on Sunday You magazine which rather reminded us of the costume that Lady T wears in Project X, which was designed by Kevin Freeman. But hold on, what exactly is Project X…and who is
Lady T?

Well, Project X is an interactive immersive theatre experience in which you have to solve clues, find characters and walk around. It’s a clever mix of time travel, murder and cryptic clues which combine with mysterious characters in covert locations who help you to unravel strange secrets! The Project X production is the result of a collaboration between the museum and tradesecrets, a company that specialises in producing immersive interactive theatre pieces. The experience itself takes place in the heart Covent Garden so Costume Designer Kevin’s brief for all the costumes was to place theatrical characters in an area that is populated with all sorts of wonderful brightly dressed people – some actors and some just hanging out and passing by.

Lady T is one of the many characters in Project X. She is a non-conformer and does not fit into the repressive future of 2101. Instead she is a tough, straight talking marketer who, having landed in 2012, fits comfortably into the more flamboyant aesthetic of Covent Garden where she is free to celebrate her individuality. We therefore wanted Lady T to evoke a quirky Dickensian street-seller feel. In doing so Kevin has managed to tap into current A/W 2012 fashion trends…maybe we can see into the future after all!

Lady T’s look is quite hard to miss – look out for her on Saturdays and Sundays – she might just, you never know, have something to sell…

For more information on Project X, including videos and how to buy tickets, go to: www.projectx-london.co.uk


Poster of the Week #21

This week’s poster is actually a pair of posters – Travels in Time on Your Doorstep and Travels in Space on Your Doorstep by Clifford Ellis and Rosemary Ellis, created in 1937 during the height of the Surrealist movement. This movement began in the early 1920s and encouraged the creative potential of the subconscious in all areas of the arts and literature, with visual art commonly appearing as a juxtaposition of imagery with the logic of reason removed. In keeping with this ethos, these posters promoted the use of public transport in a more ambiguous than literal fashion.

Surrealist art in advertising was a more subtle and indirect form of publicity and was adopted in a range of mainstream campaigns from fuel and transport providers to watch makers. Other notable works from this period within the Museum’s collection include those by English artist Graham Sutherland and prolific American artist Man Ray. It is worthwhile to note that across the Channel, during the same period, the famed Spanish Surrealist Salvador Dali was producing advertising for the French railways.

The illustrators of this particular set of posters, Clifford and Rosemary Ellis, were a husband and wife team who produced a number of posters for London Transport during the 1930s, as well as for Shell and the General Post Office. They also designed many book covers and worked for the Bath Academy of Art, an institution established to educate art teachers.

We were reminded of these posters while working on our new show Project X, an immersive theatrical adventure based on time travel! We don’t want to give too much away, but it involves the solving of cryptic clues and a finale that incorporates a time travel portal!

And as with all our Posters of the Week, prints are available to buy in a range of sizes and with optional framing from our online shop.