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More from Acton Community Forum Digital Learners

We’ve had 2 more sessions with Acton Community Forum, helping Omar and the group learn more about accessing the digital world. You can see photos from the session on Flickr here.

Volunteer Jon Burnett came along to help out. Here’s his account…

“The first task ahead of our intrepid digital experimenters was to use the London Transport Museum website to access the Museum’s archive, and learn the general layout and functions of a webpage. To this end they tried blogging for the first time, commenting on a blog written by Catherine about the previous week’s visit to the Museum Depot. They checked out the present and forthcoming events at the Museum using the ‘What’s on’ tab of the website. Arguably the highlight of the session was accessing the archive of the museum from the comfort of their chairs! The full poster archive is listed online. The team were tasked with looking through some of the thousands of posters on record and finding their favourite.
Last week Omar taught his Digital Champions about using digital cameras. So this week we went back to the Depot to practise their new skills as budding digital photographers. Community Curator Catherine showed them the ropes while I made the tea in the new kitchen in the Lecture Room at the Museum Depot. The group got to walk around the stores again, this time with camera in hand to snap away at the various objects.
Two of the team had the chance to see the original posters that they had selected last week. Everyone got the chance to have their photo taken with their favourite posters on display. Our troop then went for a wander around the depot, trying new things and getting to grips with their flashes as they explored the signs, buses and trams before having a well-earned sit down in a fully restored early Metropolitan Line tube train. After a debrief, and more tea, the group will no doubt be relishing the chance to review their photos and learn more about the photography website Flickr next week.”

New Digital Learners Explore the Museum Depot

This week saw the start of a new project with a group from Oaktree Community Centre on the South Acton estate.  Over the next 5 weeks we’re going to be exploring the museum’s collections online and at the Museum Depot in Acton. The group will be learning new digital skills and we’ll be finding out what they think of the collections. We’re doing it in partnership with Acton Community Forum who are part of a national “Community Capacity Builders” project which helps get local people online.

For our first session we headed to the Museum Depot for a tour by volunteers Jon and Richard. We had lots of postitive feedback from the group. One person described the tour as ‘an absolute joy and treat. There was so much to absorb. A real history of London and the suburbs.’  Another person said ‘I found it very interesting as it was my first time at a museum and I really enjoyed it.’  The volunteer guides enjoyed it too,  Jon told me ‘it was fun to be a part of a project for the local community.’