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Emotional Map of London

Izara, Kway and Elvis
Izara, Kway and Elvis with Emotional Map
Izara, Kway and Elvis
Output screen

From the very first focus group of young people held back in February 2010, we have been working towards giving young people a voice in the museum. As well as reflecting their interests, we also wanted to create something all visitors would enjoy. From this we decided to develop a unique interactive display for the current Mind the Map exhibition.
We were inspired by the Macdonald Gill decorative maps. It was interesting to see how much information he could display using only pictures and icons. Our desire was to create a piece of work that invited people to engage with the London Tube map and associate their personal emotions with the different areas on it. We chose this approach because everyone has emotions so everyone can contribute.
After months and months of hard work and analysing with Curator Michelle Brown, Digital Media Developer Charles Dodgson and Designer Ben James we made it to our final design. It is a beautiful modern combination of the famous Henry Beck Tube map and the carefully selected icons. The icons encompass not only the colour but also the movement of the emotion they represent.
We hope that it will appeal to everyone as a way of collecting and documenting people’s journeys around the city of London. Come along and add your own journey now to the Emotional Map. Mind the Map: inspiring art, design and cartography is open until 28 October 2012.