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Collecting for 2013 – World in Motion video on YouTube

Back in October, the Museum worked in partnership with Transport for London’s Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff network group to collect new staff stories as part of Black History Month.

The brilliant contribution from staff on the day means that our finished edited film is now ready to showcase. Thank you so much to all involved, and to Geoff Marshall for his ever talented film making. Enjoy!

World in Motion – Black History Month Event

On Saturday 1st October, London Transport Museum hosted a fantastic day of workshops to celebrate this year’s Black History Month. Black History Month has been celebrated in the UK since 1987. Its aim is to recognise the contributions of African, Asian and Caribbean people to the economic, cultural and political life in London and the UK.

So why does the Museum choose to celebrate Black History Month? Well, Transport for London is an incredibly diverse organisation, with nearly 30% of its workforce Black, Asian and Minority Ethic (BAME). The TfL BAME staff network group are always keen to make Black History Month a focal point of their year, to promote the work they do and to celebrate the organisation’s diversity. For the past 3 years the BAME staff network group have worked in partnership with the Museum to deliver activities, with this year’s event being the biggest yet!

On Saturday we ran a storytelling session, telling families all about the amazing Caribbean bus drivers in the 1960s who played for London Transport’s Central Road Services cricket team. Being great sportsmen, the team won the cricket championship 26 years in a row, with lots of their players being awarded the London Transport’s sportsman of the year trophy. In the afternoon, current TfL staff came along in their uniforms and helped to deliver a hat making workshop. Using the fantastic Rastafarian uniform hat and a uniform turban from our collection as inspiration, families made hats to take home, and the event was a great success.

Now to work out what to do for next year’s Black History Month to make it even bigger and better…!

Collecting for 2013 – Staff Diversity and Languages

Did you know that nearly 30% of Transport for London’s workforce are from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethic background? Pretty amazing eh? And that further staff come from across Europe, the Commonwealth and North America? Brilliant! With all these nationalities being represented at Transport for London, you can start to imagine how many languages are spoken by the workforce, both behind the scenes and in customer facing roles.

As part of the Museum’s Black History Month celebrations, we ran a workshop where London Underground staff who speak different languages were invited to the Museum to speak on camera in their mother tongue. We had a great turn out, with a whole range of languages being represented, including Greek, Igbo, Shona, Punjabi, Spanish, Basque, Polish and Lithuanian. Each colleague introduced themselves in their native language, and then also explained in English how they have used their language in their job at London Underground. This fantastic medley is currently being edited together to make a short film for the LU 150th anniversary in 2013, allowing us to showcase what a diverse and vibrant workforce we have at Transport for London. The finished film will be on our YouTube channel in the coming weeks.

Do you work for London Underground? Share your stories with us here of what it’s like to work in such an amazingly diverse organisation!