Poster of the Week: Simply nightlife by Tube and bus

Simply nightlife by Tube and bus, Dan Fern, 1998

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In the 17th century Samuel Pepys wrote “when one is tired of London, one is tired of life.” With countless opportunities for going out, eating out and having fun it’s still true today.

Entertainment in London has provided an endless array of vibrant and enticing subjects for transport posters. Many have aimed to encourage travel to the city in the evenings and at weekends. Others have encouraged regular commuters to stay in the city after work, rather than travelling home at rush hour, thereby managing demand on the system.

Trends in leisure are also reflected in London’s transport posters. This week’s Poster of the Week, produced in 1998 by Dan Fern, ex-Professor of Graphic Art at the Royal College of Art, draws on the popularity of the 90s House superclubs. A closer look reveals a collage of encounters during a night out – a DJ mixing records, a crowd dancing and a night bus.

London’s nightlife is now more diverse than ever – for the achingly hip Dalston or Shoreditch are the places to see and be seen, the rich and famous can be found in the trendy up-market bars of Chelsea and Notting Hill, and around the Angel tube station you’ll find plenty of ‘townie’ type pubs.

Across London, the drinking holes du jour are now speakeasies. Taking inspiration from America’s Prohibition era, you’ll find them hidden in a block of flats and behind unmarked doors and unassuming entrances. Think cocktail menus hidden in books, drinks served in teacups, decor that isn’t all it seems and glamorous dress codes. So remember to take a second look next time you pass a mysterious doorway!

London’s transport has played a huge role in helping the Capital’s nightlife to function and we’re proud to be part of something so lively and exciting!

Written by Tamsin Lancaster, LTM Development Manager

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