Poster of the Week – Andre Edouard Marty

RAF Display, Andre Edouard Marty, 1933

It’s International Women’s Day today and Mother’s Day this Sunday so we’re celebrating with these two lovely posters from our Poster Art 150 exhibition by Andre Edouard Marty. Dating from 1933, these small panel posters show a mother and daughter enjoying thoroughly modern leisure activities together.

Olympia Motor Show, Andre Edouard Marty, 1933

Panel posters were a temporary solution to advertise specific events. They were created in a small format to save on costs and to enable them to be posted inside Tube cars.

Nearly all of Marty’s panel posters for the Underground feature these two characters of a mother and daughter. Here the elegantly dressed pair are seen gazing at dozens of bi-planes flying in formation at the RAF display and speeding to the Olympia motor show in an automobile.

The annual air show at Hendon attracted huge crowds who were wowed by the flying skills of the daring RAF pilots. The motor show first began in London in 1903 and attracted huge crowds. It may seem strange for the Underground to promote travel by automobile. Cars would have been well beyond the means of many Londoners, but visiting the show was an exciting day out for all which enabled Londoners to catch a glimpse of cutting-edge technology and style.

Marty trained as a fashion illustrator and his work was featured in stylish magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair. You can see from these posters his skill in showing the texture and movement of fabrics in these very stylish outfits.

If you haven’t found that perfect present for your mum yet then pop into our shop in Covent Garden where we have some lovely products featuring Marty’s beautiful designs, or why not bring her along to see Poster Art 150 as a treat!

As part of the exhibition, the Siemens Poster Vote seeks to find out what your favourite poster is.

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