Collecting for 2013 – Underground Staff Initiatives Project

For most Underground passengers, the experience of your local station may be little more than entering, touching in your Oyster card, descending to the platform and then boarding your train. You may pay little attention to the station around you and not know very much about the staff who work there.

Some Underground staff however have decided to try and buck this trend by making their station environment more interesting and enjoyable for their passengers, colleagues and themselves. Whether it be making more personal announcements, introducing a Thought for the Day scheme, or brightening up the physical environment with a station garden or platform flower bed, there are some amazing things taking place across the network which the Museum wanted to collect.

Museum Friend Stephen Barry, a retired journalist, has been on a mission to track down these amazing initiatives over the past few months. Stephen visited stations across the city, speaking to staff, meeting passengers and taking photos of the great projects which are taking place. These stories and images are to be shared on this blog  as a series, starting with Angel station’s Thought of the Day.

Huge thanks to Stephen for his hard work. We hope you enjoy them!

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