Collecting for 2013 – Since 7/7

As you will know from the other Collecting for 2013 posts, one of the main aims of this collaborative collecting project linked to the Underground’s 150th anniversary is to explore what the Underground means to the people of London, and how these passengers experience the Tube.

‘Since 7/7’ became one of these collecting projects. Exploring the impact that the terrorist attacks of July 7th 2005 has had on people’s association and experience of the Underground is a challenging concept, but one which the Museum wanted to begin to touch on. Working in partnership with Olivia Bellas at The Original Ranch and photographer Francisco Serrano, a sensitive and open project was launched in the summer of 2011.

Using social media, Olivia asked people to consider the following:

What is your security blanket?

We all have something we carry in our wallet, the song we play, that feeling or act that makes it all the more confortable. Since 7/7, travel on the London Underground might feel different to you. What is your security blanket?

Responses were varied and thought provoking. Francisco selected seven of these responses and transformed them into photographs, shot on location at London Transport Museum’s Depot in Acton Town. The seven images can be seen here.

Has your experience of the Underground changed since 7/7?

2 thoughts on “Collecting for 2013 – Since 7/7”

  1. What a nice project! Three days after 7/7 I and a colleague would travel to London from south Spain with 15 teenagers. That evening we had to decide what to do. We finally went to London and spent two unforgettable weeks there. Whenever we took the tube (and we did it a lot) our security blankets were the smiles and laughs of a few young people who were collecting wonderful memories in an amazing city.


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