Poster of the Week #13

Daffodils are blooming by Dora M Batty, 1927

In 2013 we’re having a big exhibition showcasing 150 of the best Underground posters. There are 3300 to choose from in the collection. So we thought we’d get the ball rolling by finding out what people think makes a great Underground poster.

So what makes an Underground poster stand out for you? Have a think about the ones you see today, and posters from the past. Is it great because of the image on the poster? Is it because it brings back memories for you? Is it because you love what is written on it? Do you really like the layout? Is it the subject matter? Is it because it makes you laugh? Is it because it’s unusual or surprises you?  Is it something else entirely…

So for this week’s poster of the week I’ve picked one of my favourites. I think this is a really great Underground poster:

  • Because of the colours – it must have brought a splash of blooming spring sunshine to the Underground,
  • Because of the simple, clean style of the poster – the  1920s was such an amazing time for poster design,
  • Because it really makes me want to go to Hampton Court and Kew Gardens, which is exactly what it was supposed to do,
  • Because I like the work of this artist, Dora Batty – she did lots of fab posters for the Underground (and she has a great name),
  • Because sometimes when I’m on the Tube, I  would really like to have a large bunch of daffodils to bury my nose in.

Please help us out – what do you think makes a great Underground poster?

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