Poster of the Week #11

Country walks; the farmer, by John Burningham, 1962

We’ve picked a fun poster this week by illustrator John Burningham. He was the creative genius behind over 60 illustrated books, but he actually started his career with poster commissions from London Transport. This poster was made to promote a book of walks which could be bought from Underground stations, Enquiry Offices and the Publicity Officer.

At the bottom of this poster there is a great little story. It says: “This is a farmer. He has forgotten his bucket. The cow’s name is Buttercup. The wheel came off the cart on the last load of hay. Green Rover, the dog, is helping the hens to find the egg they laid yesterday. The goose won’t lay any golden eggs as he is a gander. First Steps in Farming are best made with London Transport’s Country Walks […] which take you on a detailed survey of the country scene.”

If this was a book, what would you like to see happening in the next picture? Write us a few lines about what might happened next to the farmer, Buttercup, Green Rover, the hens and the gander!

You can see this poster and 19 others by Burningham upstairs at the museum. If you’ve got children around over half term next week, bring them along to the Museum for story telling and puppet making inspired by Burningham’s posters and illustrations.

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