Poster of the Week #9

Do you realise?, by Edward E Hunt, 1934

Today I’m preparing for our Depot Open Weekend at Acton, taking place this Saturday and Sunday.  We’ll be exploring lots of engineering things over the weekend, so I’ve been hunting out posters which fit in with the theme.

We’ve got a great set of posters by Edward E Hunt, which encouraged staff to work safely in garages. Bus garages were dangerous, dirty, noisy places where accidents could very easily happen if people didn’t take care. This poster explains that there was an average of 70 accidents per month in the garages in 1934. It shows ‘a weed that feeds on carelessness’ with each petal giving the average number of accidents and their causes. Lots of nasty stuff happening including:

  • 6 caused by bonnets falling
  • 8 caused by tools slipping and falling
  • 4 caused by sharp objects
  • 3 caused by boarding and alighting

There were also 14 ‘ordinary accidents’. What do you think this might have included?

The poster below is by the same artist, warning of the dangers of slippery oil and grease. I really like the red warning triangles and the bold designs which must have made them stand out on the garage walls. What do you think of them?

You can see more from the series by searching for Edward E Hunt on our poster browser.

Oils and grease, by Edward E Hunt, 1938

One thought on “Poster of the Week #9”

  1. We had a great day with the posters at the Depot Open Weekend. Lots of photos and comments to see on Flickr here…


    And here are a few more comments from people about the posters above.

    Federico liked the Oils & Grease poster because of its “cartoonish style dating back to the style of those years. It really takes you back to a way of drawing that has disappeared over time.”

    Stephen, one of the Friends, liked the colour and design of all the posters, and thought they did a good job of ‘keeping everyone informed.’ Shaun said these are ‘design classics – makes a real impact – people would take note today if posters like this were displayed – more designs like this are needed today.’ Ian liked them a lot because of the ‘font used, colours, boldness. Gets the message across.’

    Laraine thought the poster about the average monthly accidents was ‘very good’, and Ming liked this one because ‘it is very visible.’ The flower was a firm favourite with lots of people, who, like David, said ‘it just jumps out at you!.’ Mr Grainger enjoyed the ‘eye catching detail and colours’, and noticed that yellow is a ‘warning colour.’ Kiki and her mum said they liked it ‘because it is colourful and has a flower on it.’ We had some great flower drawings from younger visitors.

    People were surprised to see that there were posters like these up in garages. As one visitor said ‘It’s good to see “Health and Safety” isn’t new!


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