Collecting for 2013 – What Songs are Commuters Listening to?

The music that people listen to when they travel by Underground affects their experience of the journey. As part of the Museum’s contemporary collecting project for the 150th anniversary of the Underground in 2013, a group of Museum staff and volunteers spent an afternoon at Tooting Broadway station, stopping any passengers with headphones and asking them what song they were listening to. People of all ages gave us examples of music from a range of music genres, allowing us to get a real insight into the music that people listen to when traveling on the Tube. Responses from over 100 people were captured on film, and will be edited together for the Museum’s collection.

Big thanks to our young consultants Adelah and Godwin for their hard work on the day (and for Adelah’s excellent dance moves with some of the commuters!) and to Jen and Wei, two interns who also helped out and did an amazing job. The finished film will be on the Museum’s YouTube channel soon.

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