Poster of the week #7

Simply fashion by Tube and bus, by agency Trickett and Webb, 1999

The streets are full of fashionistas this week as it’s London Fashion Week. This ‘Simply Fashion’ poster was commissioned to promote the event back in 1999. The poster went alongside a special leaflet produced by Time Out. It was  part of the ‘Simply’ series which included posters promoting markets, nightlife and showbiz. Just type ‘simply’ into our Poster Browser to see the rest of the series and their original art works.

Do you recognise the inspiration behind this poster? The designers Tricket & Webb have taken the iconic poster by Man Ray in 1938 as their starting point. The surrealist artist transformed the London Transport roundel into the planet Saturn. Two versions of the poster were printed, one said ‘London Transport-‘ the other said ‘Keeps London Going’.

London Transport, by Man Ray, 1938

Which poster do you prefer?

2 thoughts on “Poster of the week #7”

  1. I liked the poster by Man Ray best I thought it was interesting, how he managed to make the figures look as though they were real planets floating in mid air.


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