Poster of the week #6

Away by Metropolitan, by Graham Sutherland 1936

With 3 other poster related blog posts last week, we thought we’d hold back on this one, so you’ll have 2 posters to enjoy this week!

This one marks  the start of our Access to Art poster transfer programme. Here at the museum we look after over 40,000 transport posters. Ideally we like to have up to 3 copies of each poster design which are officially part of the Designated Collection. However as the posters were originally printed in large quantities, there were sometimes more than 3 copies put in to the store. These spare posters aren’t being well used so as part of the Access to Art project, we’re transferring some of the spare copies to other organisations so that more people can enjoy them.

The first posters to be donated have gone to Amersham Museum. They selected two posters which help tell the story of the local area. You can follow the journey of the posters from our museum store in Acton to Amersham Museum in our Away to Amersham Flickr set.

Both the posters are from 1930s, when the Metropolitan Railway was encouraging people to move to the idyllic suburbs of north west London. Many posters at the time showed how easy it was to travel on the electric trains from the smoky city to the wholesome countryside. Away by Metropolitan is one of a pair of posters by Graham Sutherland which promoted a booklet called Chiltern Strolls and Rambles, which was sold at stations. The booklet included 9 walks which started from Amersham Station.

On Sunday we headed over to Amersham Museum to join in their Heritage Day celebrations and find out if the locals are still enjoying the countryside. We asked people to tell us where they went walking and what they enjoyed along the way.We’ve put a few photos from the dayon our Heritage Day at Amersham Museum Flickr set. 

Thanks to everyone in Amersham who joined in – we had a great day!

Do you get away to the countryside by Tube? Tell us where you go…

Adding walks and sharing memories at Amersham Musuem
Sharing favourite walks and wearing a great hat from a 1960s uniform
Vintage Chic on the Heritage Run

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