Poster of the Week #5

Billy Brown on escalators 'Here's another bright suggestion', by David Langdon, 1943

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Interactive posters aren’t a new thing. This poster asked people to finish off this short rhyming couplet by sending in the two lines about good escalator etiquette. It started off:

“Here’s another bright suggestion
Standing RIGHT prevents congestion…”

The winning entry at the time was:

“On the right it’s ‘Stand at ease’
On the left it’s ‘Quick March’ please”

Can you do better in 2011? Submit your rhyming couplets below now…

This poster will be on display in the main Museum gallery as part of selection of posters, chosen by CBS Outdoor, until Thursday 8th September 2011.

3 thoughts on “Poster of the Week #5”

  1. I’ve had a couple of suggestions sent in to me for the rhyming couplets about escalator etiquette…

    “It takes but a moment to give friendly smiles
    But the pleasure you give might last a few miles.”


    “Saying excuse me and thank you is not much of a thing
    But think of the warm glow your politeness will bring”

    Thanks Sally!


  2. Not two lines, but… [Begins!]

    There are many points of etiquette when using the tube
    Flouting them is sometimes daft *and* rude
    For example, here’s a true cautionary tale
    of several types of escalator etiquette fail
    “Dogs must be carried” the escalator sign notes
    Alright for puppies and cretinous bag-dogs in totes
    But I saw a small man valiantly trying
    to comply, crazy fool – it left me crying (with laughter) Him flailing backwards as the escalator soared
    His dog – six feet of it – struggled and pawed
    from above, as he tried, showing the strain
    To carry the dog – a ginormous Great Dane.
    In an odd slow-motion, desperate dog-man tango
    they jittered and jived as the little old lady below
    Eyed the dog and its weight and the risk of her flattening
    As the man realised too late what was (inevitably) happening
    As the dog leant, the man’s knees crumbled, and terribly he
    and the huge dog toppled back, gracelessly
    A blurry few seconds, flying bag, flash of fur
    And everyone gawped to see what injuries the three would incur
    But none too bad, it seemed – amid the whoosh, yelp and wallop
    Could be heard clearly the old lady, hollering “you trollop”!


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