Poster of the week #4

150 years of London's buses, by Mike Ingham, 1979

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This Friday 2nd September the museum is opening late, for free, so that you can explore the design of the Mayor’s New Bus for London. This poster from 1979 celebrates 150 years of London’s buses. It starts with the old omnibus and goes through to the T-type Titan.  Across the bottom are pictures of the staff in uniforms, tickets and machines and the bus stops. I love the original pen and ink drawings that Mike did for each element of the poster. They are really delicate and draw your attention to the design details.

My favourite bus stop is the one in the middle – it would be quite happy in Narnia! Which do you like and why? 

150 years of London’s buses; bus stops, by Mike Ingham, 1979
150 years of London’s buses; STL-type, by Mike Ingham, 1979

One thought on “Poster of the week #4”

  1. I particularly liked the poster decipting 150 years it displayed buses over the years and you can clearly see how buses have progressed and also how technology have played a part in transport.


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