Poster of the week #3

Dancing in the street, by Paula Cox, 1994

Published by London Underground Ltd, 1994. Commissioned by Art on the Underground.

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This weekend is Carnival Time, so we’re celebrating with this colourful number by Paula Cox. I love the movement in this poster, you can almost hear the music! I got in touch with Paula and asked her what inspired her design for the poster. She said “I was sketching at carnival and at the calypso competitions to capture the rhythms of the dancers in pencil lines and all the time listening to reggae as I refined the design for the final poster.”

Paula has also sent me some photographs of her with the posters.

What tunes would make a good soundtrack to this poster and get your toes tapping?

2 thoughts on “Poster of the week #3”

  1. It’s nice, but personally my favourite carnival poster was the one run here in 2011 (and it’s not often I say that), with the pigeon dressing up as a parrot. It’s funny, clever, knowing, and distinctively London, all at the same time.


  2. You’re right – the recent poster of a pigeon getting in to his parrot costume is a great one – subtle and funny! We’ll be adding it to the collection here as we still collect copies of contemporary posters.

    It reminds me of this colourful parrot advertising London Zoo back in 1926…


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