Poster of the Week #2

Safety Underground, by Alan Rogers, 1930

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Next week it’s TfL’s Safety & Citizenship Be Safe Week at the museum – we’ve got free design activities for families to join in. Back in the 1930s, safety was high on the agenda too as the Publicity Department persuaded people that the Underground was safe and speedy.  You know you’d be super safe with this striking Knight of the Underground around to protect you with his mighty Roundel shield!

What do you like most about this poster?

8 thoughts on “Poster of the Week #2”

  1. That’s such a cool poster. I love the colours, the boldness and the fonts. I also love imagining how modern this must have seemed when it was made, when we think of it as being so ‘retro’ now. (Hmm… that’s more than one thing. Sorry!)


  2. Ooh yes I can really see the similarities there! You can just imagine those Bauhaus Ballet dancers joining forces with this character in his mission to keep the Underground safe!


  3. Elee – You’re right it was really cutting edge at the time. Definitely hard to pick just one thing with such a fab poster!


  4. I really like the way the roundel has been incorporated in a number of clever ways (on the shield and then the legs of the figure as well). The roundel is such an iconic image of London, and it’s been coupled with the message about safety here so subtlely as to subconsciously link the two in your minds. Niiiice! 🙂


  5. I can see now it’s supposed to be a train, but every time I look at that poster from a distance I see a knight carefully and deliberately stepping off the edge of the platform! Not quite on-message, eh?


  6. That really wouldn’t be on message Swirlything!
    You’re right Vicki – it is a really clever design… The legs of the figure can be seen as part of the roundel and also as the tunnel for the train to go through…Brilliant!


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