Poster of the Week #1

We have a huge poster collection at the museum, with some going back over 100 years. I’ve just started working here as a Community Curator running a project called Access to Art. I’m going to be working with lots of people to bring these posters to life – finding fresh ways of looking at them, different stories to tell and new ways to share them.

You can explore over 5,000 posters on our collection online… but where to begin?! How about one a week? Starting from now we’ll be picking out a poster each week which highlights something we’re working on within the museum – things which are happening around London and other hot topics. Needless to say, we’d love your feedback on them.

Motorcycle and Cycle Show, by Andre Edouard Marty, 1933

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So… on to our first Poster of the Week! This Sunday 14th August is the London-Surrey Cycle Classic road race – one of the all important test events in preparation for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. So we’re going for a cycling theme with this gem ‘Motorcycle and Cycle Show, by Andre Edouard Marty, 1933’ promoting a show at Olympia. As well as designing fab posters, he produced gorgeous fashion illustrations for magazines like Vogue, and designed sets and costumes for the theatre. We’re particularly loving the co-ordinated green scarf, gloves & shoes!

What are your favourite cycling accessories?

One thought on “Poster of the Week #1”

  1. It’s not really a cycling accessory, but as the lady in the poster is on a scooter I’d have to say my favourite accessory is my Sage Momo scooter helmet…it’s so retro!


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