Young Volunteers – Getting Started

On Saturday 2nd July the museum held an open day for young people aged 16-19 who were interested in joining our Journeys Youth Project.*

The day was a great success, bringing together a fabulous mix of young people from diverse communities, all with a variety of motivations for getting involved. Much fun was had throughout the day as the young people explored the museum, taking part in activities which challenged their perceptions of the museum as well as drew on their creativity and problem solving skills.

Whilst I head up the project from a logistical perspective, the actual delivery is led by one of our amazing freelance educators Sarita Mamseri, who in turn is being helped by our Peer Mentors.

Our Peer Mentors this year are Izara, Emira and Antoine. All three of whom were volunteers themselves during the last Journeys project in February. They have all been selected for their dedication, commitment and enthusiasm and each take responsibility for leading sessions and collaborating with Sarita to plan and resource workshops.

As previous participants, the role of Peer Mentor is to offer support and guidance to the volunteers by drawing on their past experiences. The role is also a great opportunity for these young people to develop their own skills further and to take on more and more responsibilities – boosting their CV’s!!

* Journeys is a youth volunteering scheme that aims to support young people to develop their skills in variety of areas, including project management and delivery of public events.

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